New Pearl Limestone is a high density stone that glows with the deep luster of pearls. Its honed surface has a slight translucence, creating an amazing visual depth, making it incredibly popular and multi-functional. Ancient fossils visible throughout the stone confirm the natural history and variation to the final product.

Largely monochromatic, with subtle variations, this stone complements color schemes in any environment, never upstaging its surrounds. It's appropriate for modern and classic applications and is particularly striking when used in oversized architectural elements such as lintels, sills and stair blocks. Similarly its compact nature and strength means it holds hand finishes on all faces. It is also ideal for pool decks as its non-crystalline structure keeps its markedly cooler than sandstone or granite.

Recommended Uses

Pavers, veneer, stair blocks, quoins, coping/caps, curbs, sills/lintels, carved objects, columns, sinks/tubs, slabs, cobblestones


Its strong primary grain can cause edges to chip under pressure, so this stone should be mortar set. For veneers, it should be set with a tooled or raked joint or set more tightly in the wedge mortar method,

Min thickness 0.75" / 20mm
Min thickness 0.75" / 20mm
Bush Hammer
Min thickness 1.5" / 38mm
Fine Adze
Min thickness 1.5" / 38mm
Coarse Adze
Min thickness 2" / 50mm
4 Point Stalk
Min thickness 1.5" / 38mm
2 Point Stalk
Min thickness 1.5" / 38mm
Min thickness 3" / 75mm
Min thickness 3" / 75mm
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Material Specifications and Technical Data

Get access to material specifications and ASTM technical data for New Pearl Limestone by viewing the tables below or downloading the brochure.




As you'd expect in a natural product, stone does vary in colour and texture, even in the same quarry block. That's what makes stone so unique.
We recommend using the images on our website to initially chose the colour, texture and look you prefer, then talk to us to see our current samples. Mockups are also a great option before making your final decision. We strive to provide a product of the highest quality, but please remember it's stone, not paint. The colour and texture of the next layer in the quarry was defined millions of years ago.

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