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A Pepper Granite Tower creates a sense of place for West Olympia Immediate Care

Pepper Granite Tower, West Olympia Immediate Care Clinic

Providence St Peters Hospital has been an integral part of the Olympia community, providing not for profit health care to Washington state residents for over 128 years. So when Providence Medical Group decided to open the doors of a primary and immediate outpatient care clinic in West Olympia, its first priority was to create a local presence in the area and give the new clinic a sense of place.

This is where tgbarchitects stepped in, helping Providence Medical Group design a way to transform what was an existing Office Depot store into something that the West Olympia community could form a clear connection with.

That connection came in the form of a beacon for the neighbourhood; an immense stone tower that residents could immediately identify with as belonging to the West Olympia Immediate Care Clinic.

Pepper Granite Tower, Providence Immediate Care Cllinic

And to give that tower a sense of permanence and stability, and create something really special, Kent Gregory, Principal, tgbarchitects selected Rhodes Architectural Stone’s Pepper Granite, in a 2-Point Stalk finish to construct it.

“We saw a broad range of stones at the time, but the Pepper Granite certainly stood out, and I was immediately very happy with the choice. It was a great match for the colour palette and helped to give the tower that real sense of permanence.”

What made this material choice even more special in this case was that Kent was able to fulfil a life-long dream of his to use natural stone in a project. “Several years ago I had the chance to spend three weeks in Rome as an architectural graduate. And I thought, ‘before I die, I hope I have the chance to do a stone building,’” Kent explains. Thanks to the Immediate Care Clinic this dream has been realised. So, while selecting and using Pepper Granite delivered significant professional and personal satisfaction for Kent, Providence Medical Group was also exceptionally happy with the building aesthetics. It was most definitely a win-win situation.

Two years on since completion, the West Olympia Immediate Care Clinic and its magnificent Pepper Granite tower has become a shining beacon within the community, and will continue to attract and direct patients through the clinic’s doors for many generations to come.

Architect: tgbarchitects

Product: Pepper Granite, 2-Point Stalk finish

Photographer: Barta Photography, where indicated

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