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Rhodes Architectrual Stone samples


We work with you from day one to fully understand your needs, collaborating with you at every step to help you choose the most suitable stone and finishes for your entire project.

What we do

Define project scope

Right stone, right place

Deliver stone samples

Provide images

Benefit to you

Complete stone solution

Stone is fit for purpose

Visualise the final product

Best outcome

Rhodes Architectural Stone shop drawings

Custom Design

Our experienced CAD designers specialise in stone, delivering three critical elements. Highly detailed context drawings show the design in different elevations and exact placement of each stone piece. Shop drawings support context drawings. They show 3D axonometric views and describe every detail required for accurate fabrication of each stone piece. Piece lists detail dimensions, quantity per piece and total volumes. 

What we do

Context drawings

Shop drawings

Piece lists

Benefit to you

Time savings

Balance precision with big picture

Manufacturing, delivery and installation clarity

Rhodes Architectural Stone mockups


Mockups let us test designs to help you make stone decisions. You can compare different combinations of stones and finishes, different techniques such as quoined versus lapped corners, and see the stone on a larger scale. Shipping stone to site allows you to see it in its natural light and compare it to other materials. 

What we do

Extensive mockup images

On request, deliver mockup to site

Discuss and refine

Benefit to you

Review materials in context

Peace of mind

Benchmark for end product

Rhodes Architectural Stone handcrafted stone


You will find our newly quarried stone hand finishes second to none. The technical expertise and attention to detail of our stonemasons ensure Rhodes Architectural Stone solutions stand above the rest. 

What we do

Multiple finishes and textures with one stone

Intricate detail on each stone piece

Benefit to you

Truly unique, high quality result

Suits modern and traditional projects

Rhodes Architectural Stone quality control

Quality control

Regular stone inspections by our Quality Inspectors at critical production points are crucial to our quality control process.  

What we do

Check colour, dimension and finish

Email images for review and approval

Keep you informed

Review all pieces before packing and shipping

Benefit to you

Absolute consistency

Outstanding product

Peace of mind

Smooth and efficient delivery

Rhodes Architectural Stone bespoke projects

Outstanding results

With RAS, the difference is we work alongside you, from project conception to onsite delivery, translating your design aspirations into reality. 

What we do

Share our natural stone expertise

Source high quality, natural stone

Absolute attention to detail

Deliver custom made solutions

Benefit to you

Bespoke outcome

Elegant, high quality result

Surpass your expectations

Lifetimes of enjoyment

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