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Antique Terracotta Firebrick is a unique alternative for fireplace interiors or even wine cellar floors. We reclaim and trim terracotta pavers to create exceptionally long firebricks perfect for large-scale herringbone and chevron patters. Where possible, we preserve the antique edge of the pavers so the original handcrafted, textured edge is visible when installed.


However they are used, Antique Terracotta Firebrick brings timeless beauty to any project: While the reflection of soft firelight against its surface turns a simple fireplace into a standalone masterpiece, when set on edge, the firebricks bring an old world feel to your highly treasured wine cellar.

Recommended Uses

Firebrick, wine cellar floors


To allow for the variation in sizing of this truly antique product, it is ideally set with a fire resistant mortar joint with a minimum of 1/5 of the thickness of the tile. 

Project Gallery

Hill Residence 9 (4)
Antique Terracotta Firebrick
Antique Terracotta Firebrick
Photo 5
Hill Residence 10
Antique Terracotta Firebrick

Material Specifications and Technical Data

Get access to material specifications and ASTM technical data for Antique Terracotta Firebrick by viewing the tables below or downloading the brochure.

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