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Built in the grand style of an English country manor house, this residence in Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the largest homes built in modern times in the US. The floor plan cuts in and out, creating private courtyards, gardens and many visual surprises.


More than 200 containers, or 3,400 pallets, of antique and handcrafted stone material created the stone veneer and hardscape, with stone design and detailing driven by Rhodes Architectural Stone.


This visually stunning project seamlessly blends old with new. While the external walls predominantly use Antique Yangtze Limestone recycled from the flood zone of the Three Gorges Dam Project in China, the dimensional stone pieces are hand fabricated and hand textured from newly quarried New Yangtze Limestone sourced from the same area where the antique pieces originated. 

Project Materials

Project Principals

Architect: Jeffrey R. Matz Architects, Gary Neil Savitsky

Interior architect: Ann Kalla, Cicognani Kalla Architect

Landscape architect: Ed Hollander, Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects 

Stone design: Rhodes Architectural Stone

Newly Quarried & Antique Stone blend
Rhodes Architectural Stone
New Yangtze Limestone
Rhodes Architectural Stone
Antique Pewter Granite water feature
Newly Quarried Stone fencing
Rhodes Stone blend
Antique and New Yangtze Limestone
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