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Golden Dune Granite transforms The Belvedere’s outdoor terrace

A fresh contemporary look with modern, French-inspired accents was the design concept under which The Belvedere, The Peninsula Hotel’s restaurant in Beverly Hills, was renovated in 2015. And it was with this interpretation in mind that James Hyatt Studio subsequently undertook the dramatic transformation of the existing, but small outdoor terrace.

The Belvedere, Golden Dune Granite

Since its completion in 2016, the now enlarged terrace is perhaps the most breathtaking feature of the entire renovation. “It has become a real focal point for the restaurant, which has huge steel windows and French doors to beautifully frame the view outside,” comments Jim Hyatt, principal, James Hyatt Studio.

Golden Dune Granite

In fact, Jim is to be congratulated for successfully delivering on an extremely challenging task: to almost double the existing terrace’s size for outdoor dining and events, and to create a French-inspired garden environment in a space that was completely paved. Jim continues, “This was a very complex build because we were basically trying to take over what essentially was space left between buildings and transform that into a beautiful, green space. So I had to figure out how to effectively disguise the surrounding building walls. We did this with a traditional treillage system, using light green steel,” says Jim.

And transform it beautifully, and elegantly, Jim certainly has.

With a magnificent Podocarpus tree as its focal point, Golden Dune Granite pavers with a bush hammered and brushed texture, supplied by Rhodes Architectural Stone, set an elegant stage for this spectacular eating space. A landscaped trellis and overflowing planters frame the expansive and inviting layout, supported by a raised Golden Dune Granite platform with a hand carved, double dupont edged coping. Complementing the elegant surrounds are radial stair treads and risers and authentic ramp-and-twist wall caps, all hand crafted from Golden Dune Granite.

Golden Dune Granite

Jim’s choice of Granite was relatively easy, not only for its supreme durability but also for its colouration and complementary tones: “The Golden Dune Granite beautifully complements the existing limestone used on the remainder of the hotel. Its speckled granite appearance was just subtle enough to work really well, and the owners absolutely love it,” comments Jim.

And aside from the refreshed décor inside, what is most dazzling is the new art collection featuring pieces by international artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Robert Indiana, Alex Katz, and Sean Scully, joined by a polyptych of five panels completed by Fabienne Verdier, a French painter; a piece specially commissioned by The Peninsula, which hangs over The Belvedere’s entrance.

Without a doubt, whether you dine indoors and enjoy the terrace view outside, or dine alfresco amongst it, this clever combination of hand crafted stone details and greenery has created an inviting urban garden for diners to enjoy, right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

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