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A hand-pitched volcanic firebrick, North Ankar Firebrick is a sophisticated alternative to manufactured brick. The natural split edge, visible when installed, has a rustic handcrafted finish that is ideal for running bond and herringbone firebox patterning. The reflection of firelight on this textured stone brings warmth, simplicity and timeless beauty, making this stone firebrick an essential design component in your next firebox project.

North Ankar Firebrick comes in standard size and is also available in a slimmer Isoline profile, ideal for prefabricated fireboxes or the re-lining of existing fireboxes, as the firebrick does not need to be trimmed for installation.

North Ankar Firebrick

Recommended Uses

Firebrick and surrounds, veneer, paving


We recommend using the split edge in areas of extreme heat. 

Project Gallery

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
North Ankar Firebrick
North Ankar Firebrick
North Ankar Firebrick
North Ankar Firebrick
North Ankar Firebrick

Material Specifications and Technical Data

Get access to material specifications and ASTM technical data for North Ankar Firebrick by viewing the tables below or downloading the brochure.

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