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Dune Granite comes from a quarry on the north coast of eastern China that has been in operation for over 2,500 years. This natural granite is quarried in time-honored traditional methods without the use of cutting machines, cranes or explosives. Its versatility, consistency and minimal veining make Dune Granite viable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. 

With a lighter oatmeal color, and less overall color variation than our popular Golden Dune Granite, the pearl and amber background of Dune Granite is subtly punctuated with shades of chestnut, sterling and sable. 

Tooling marks from our hand finishes expose the deep lustre of minerals and produce a milky, whitish color that complements the stone's lightly toasted, unmarked surface.

Recommended Uses

Pavers, veneer, stair blocks, quoins, coping/caps, curbs, sills/lintels, carved objects, columns, sinks/tubs, slabs, cobblestones, drain grates


Dune Granite takes all textures well and may be installed in any of the standard setting techniques: mortar or thinset on slab or by sand setting.

Project Gallery

Dune Granite wall
Dune Granite
Dune Granite stairs
Dune Granite walls
Dune Granite Paving
Dune Granite Fireplace
Dune Granite Pool Coping
Dune Granite Fireplace
Dune Granite Retaining Wall

Material Specifications and Technical Data

Get access to materials specifications and ASTM technical data for Dune Granite by viewing the tables below or downloading the brochure.

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