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Well suited for gas-fired use, also readily withstanding the higher heat of wood burning fires, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens and fire pits, Rhodes’ manufactured clay firebrick is a versatile solution for your next stone project. Available in a wide colour palette, ranging from traditional Burnt Sienna and Sunburst tones, to the more contemporary and modern hues of Desert Sand and Gunmetal, Rhodes Firebrick offers a practical and attractive solution. The firebrick’s rich colors offer a suitably neutral backdrop or can create a more bold and dramatic statement to match your design intent.  


Rhodes Firebrick products are available in both standard and jumbo size, allowing for both creative, intricate pattern work and larger prefabricated or site built masonry projects.  Regardless of your project requirements, Rhodes Firebrick offers a simple yet elegant solution – its use limited only by your imagination.

Rhodes Gunmetal Fireplace
Rhodes Gunmetal
Rhodes Gunmetal Firebrick
Rhodes Gunmetal Firebrick
Rhodes Gunmetal Firebrick


Rhodes Firebrick is typically set with tight joints and bedded with fireclay mortar, and can be oriented with any face exposed.

Recommended Uses

Gas fires, wood fired ovens, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, fire pits.

Material Specifications and Technical Data

Get access to material specifications and ASTM technical data for Rhodes Firebrick by viewing the tables below or downloading the brochure.

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