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The team at Rhodes Architectural Stone is constantly sourcing new high quality stone products for your next stone project. This page is where you'll find our latest products on offer, which are also profiled under our stone menu. Enjoy.

The ever-popular Rhodes Architectural Stone North Ankar Firebrick, with its natural split edge, is also available as a dimensional stone, cut to your requirements. Known as Ankar Basalt, its fine texture, yet durable qualities make it suitable for a wide range of uses.  


Ankar Basalt is particularly versatile given its wide range of undertones, varying from dove grey to charcoal, and is hand-crafted in any of our available finishes.

Formed by rapidly cooled extrusions of magma from deep within the mantle, this basalt displays prominent phenocrysts encased in a matrix of dark grey plagioclase feldspar. Scattered throughout are noticeable greenish crystals of olivine.


One of the most robust stones available, Carbon Black Basalt, as its name suggests, has a complex dark character born of its dusky mineral composition.


The versatility of Rhodes Architectural Stone’s Carbon Black Basalt makes it an excellent choice as an architectural veneer, and is well suited for paving, cobbles, and any cut-to-size application.

With its dark grey tones, the true natural beauty of Thunder Grey Limestone lies in the striking visual display of marine life fossils from ages past.  


This eye-catching, durable stone creates great visual interest wherever it is applied, from columns, wall cladding, surrounds, stairs and pavers, to elaborate carvings.  


Limestone is one of the oldest and most versatile natural building materials available, suited to modern and classic design.  

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