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Amande Limestone is the perfect fit for this architectural masterpiece on Victoria’s Mornington Peni

Located on the sand dunes of the ocean beach and nestled among native ti-trees, it’s no surprise that nature would inform Ryan Moody’s home design on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Combined with his client’s wish for a classic and timeless home, Ryan created an architectural masterpiece perfectly suited to its seaside location, abundantly clad with natural materials including stone, timber and glass.

A prime motivation behind Ryan and his client's material selection was their desire to, "choose materials that looked like they had come from the landscape." So the stone elements are particularly fitting, perfectly suiting the environment. Particularly the use of Rhodes Architectural Stone's newly quarried Amande Limestone for the internal and external wall cladding. It not only seamlessly blends with the cool beachside tones, but is also beautifully hand finished with an intricate, fine adze texture. This has given the new home the appearance of having existed long before the house was built. As Ryan says, “it’s almost like what you would see of brick fireplaces standing alone in the countryside where an old house once stood.” And that’s exactly the look they were seeking.

Placing aesthetics aside for a moment, from a practical viewpoint, Rhodes Architectural Stone, and Amande Limestone specifically, ticked every box. First and foremost was Rhodes Architectural Stone’s accurate stone process, which places it above and beyond all other stone suppliers. As Ryan comments, “No other stone supplier can cut and supply stone, to millimetre accuracy, like Rhodes can.” And intricate details are a specialty, like the customised industry coins – or corner pieces – that Rhodes Architectural Stone can handcraft. So, what you get is a custom-made solution delivered to your project site, ready to go.

Plus, in the case of Amande Limestone, the stone’s durability made it an obvious choice; unlike local limestone, the Rhodes Architectural Stone supplied Amande Limestone is non-porous, so doesn’t need sealing, and is exceptionally strong. As a natural building material, what more could you ask for?

Another project to compare, perhaps? Well, since this project was completed, Ryan has already recommended another Rhodes product to a new client. With the beautiful aesthetic qualities and strong technical specifications offered by Rhodes Architectural Stone products, there is no doubt you will see more of it appearing on Australian soil. So watch this space.

Architect: Ryan Moody

Photographer: Peter Hyatt

Product: Amande Limestone

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