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The entrance to the City of Orinda’s public library shows the skilful use of one stone in multiple textures and finishes to achieve striking results.


At first glimpse is the dramatic stone waterfall, followed by a tunnel, which leads visitors to a fountain of Golden Dune Granite veneer and the Golden Dune Granite grand staircase. On the upper plaza is a small pool at the top of the fountain, which cascades to the plaza below.


The pavers have been finished in fine adze for a sleek, non-slip solution, while the rear of the library opens to a fenced reading area, enclosed with a wall of coursed strip veneer.

Project Materials

Project Principals

Architect: StastnyBrun Architects

Golden Dune Granite waterfall
Golden Dune Granite, Rhodes
Golden Dune Granite, Rhodes Stone
Golden Dune Granite wall, Rhodes
Golden Dune Granite wall, Rhodes
Golden Dune Granite fountain
Golden Dune Granite pavers
Golden Dune Granite wall
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