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For over 15 years, Rhodes Architectural Stone has worked with architects, designers, installers, builders and their clients, transforming their residential or commercial design aspirations into customised, high quality natural stone solutions.


Why? We know our stone and we make sure it’s used in the right environment. And, you’ll enjoy a truly unique natural stone solution that’s quarried specifically for your project, then skilfully handcrafted with your desired finishes. 


What really sets us apart is our unique process, blending modern execution and delivery with ancient artisan craftsmanship. Plus our high quality aesthetic results. And, when you work with Rhodes Architectural Stone, you are part of the journey. 


We work with you from design to staged onsite delivery, listening to your needs, advising on the best and highest use of stone for the end result you seek, involving you every step of the way. From our product samples, detailed shop drawings and piece lists, to mockups and progress images. What you’ll enjoy is significant time savings, intricate detail and absolute peace of mind that your stone project is in the best hands. 


What’s more, we deliver a complete stone solution to site. All natural stone pieces are cut to size before shipping, meaning minimal cutting and shaping onsite, reduced stone wastage, reduced installation time and faster completion of your project.


With Rhodes Architectural Stone, you’ll enjoy a unique, outstanding stone project unlike any other.

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