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Covering more than 700 acres (2.8 square metres) in a private Colorado valley, this beautiful home was developed around a central stone “ruin” using a unique pattern of stonework on the exterior walls. These are a vibrant mix of antique salvaged stonework and newly quarried limestone. Internally, this immense three-and-a-half story home includes multiple fireplaces and a striking internal glass staircase.


The water trough consists of interlocking recycled Antique Salmon and Pewter Granite stair blocks, notched together with hand carved joints, highlighting their colour variation.

Project Materials

Project Principals

Landscape design: Madderlake Designs

Interior Architect: Studio Sofield

Architect of record: JLF Architects

Antique Pewter and Salmon Granite
Rhodes Architectural Stone blend
Antique Pewter and Salmon Granite
New Yangtze Limestone
New Yangtze Limestone Trough
Newly quarried and antique blend
Newly quarried & antique stone blend
Rhodes Architectural Stone blend
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