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Bullet-proof granite shines centre stage under the international spotlight

If you're looking to select a material that will outlast the building in which it’s installed, granite is your go-to, perfect solution. In fact, with granite’s proven performance and timeless beauty, it’s no surprise that this sturdy, yet sultry material is making a strong comeback on the international stage.

Read Kate Jones’ article, “Why more top architects around the world are using granite as their go-to” to find out where it's being used, and why architects across the globe are increasingly being drawn to the specialist art of stonemasonry.

Of course, our team at Rhodes Architectural Stone supplies a wide range of granite, for residential and commercial building projects, hand-crafted to your exact specifications and desired finishes. Browse through the photo gallery below to see its varying applications. Then, then find out more about your favourite granite here: golden dune granite, antique salmon granite, heron's egg granite, antique pewter granite, pepper granite, nightlight granite and studio black granite.

For more information on how you can use hand-crafted granite on your next building project, please contact Rhodes Architectural Stone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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