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Perched over Silicon Valley, this stunning residence combines both formal dimensional stone in the 18th and 19th century tradition with more rustic site walls and outbuildings. The newly quarried Silk Road Sandstone and Amande Limestone neatly blend to form a family of stone with new Golden Dune Granite and Antique Salmon Granite.


Silk Road Sandstone with a sand-rubbed finish is the perfect choice for the wrought stone elements. The handcrafted architectural work is extremely technical, created using stereotomy templating, a technique perfected by French craftsmen in the early Renaissance.


The outbuildings and site walls are created with heavily textured Amande Limestone in a blend of pineapple and split faced hand textures – the rougher surface catching the shadow and light. Antique Salmon Granite pavers complete the formal terraces with timeless elegance.

Project Materials

Silk Road Sandstone, Rh
Rhodes' Antique Granite
Amande Limestone quoins and veneer
Golden Dune Granite, newly quarried
Silk Road Sandstone
Silk Road Sandstone
Amande Limestone, Rhodes Stone
Silk Road Sandstone

Project Principals

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