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Tishman Speyer’s vision of modernizing the landscape of Los Angeles’ busiest intersection comes to life on the 10900 Wilshire office tower promenade. 

The spectacular Michael Maltzan designed Art Mound rises from a uniform field of New Pearl Limestone pavers. Its joints perfectly aligning from the terrace level through the mound’s compound radii.  Though seemingly simple, this beautiful piece of art has a deceptively challenging composition, requiring multiple templates for each section. Amazingly, each of the mound’s 70 unique shapes was hand carved from high-density limestone blocks, and back-cut to enable a pedestal installation. 

To ensure absolute precision and achieve a seamless connection from piece to piece, a complete mockup was created and assembled in the factory prior to installation on site. The result simply speaks for itself. The perfect combination of smooth, lustrous limestone capped off by striking bent steel “rose stems” extending skyward from the mound’s peak delivers a breathtaking work of art for all to enjoy.

Project Materials

Project Principles

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