This Cape Cod inspired home creates harmony with a clever use of old and new stone throughout. It begins with the warm, chestnut coloured Antique Cobblestone of the driveway and the Golden Dune Granite tudor weave patterned retaining wall.


Inside, the open floor plan and clean interiors are accented with an array of exotic stones, including North Ankar Firebrick and Golden Dune Granite fireplace surrounds.


Again, at the rear of the house while the curved surrounds of newly quarried Golden Dune Granite enclose the Antique Salmon Granite on the patio, visitors can explore the garden via Antique Salmon Planks.

Project Materials

Project Principals

Architect:                      Stephen Sullivan Designs

Interior design:             Tedrick & Bennett 

Landscape architect:   Rich Haag Associates

Antique Salmon and Pewter Granite
Antique Salmon and Pewter Granite
Antique Pewter Granite
Antique Pewter Granite
Newly quarried and antique stones
Antique and Newly Quarried Stone
Rhodes Newly Quarried Stones
Rhodes Newly Quarried Stone




As you'd expect in a natural product, stone does vary in colour and texture, even in the same quarry block. That's what makes stone so unique.
We recommend using the images on our website to initially chose the colour, texture and look you prefer, then talk to us to see our current samples. Mockups are also a great option before making your final decision. We strive to provide a product of the highest quality, but please remember it's stone, not paint. The colour and texture of the next layer in the quarry was defined millions of years ago.

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