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Project Materials

A fresh contemporary look with modern accents adorns the Belvedere Restaurant’s outdoor terrace at The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills. With a magnificent Podocarpus tree as its focal point, large Golden Dune Granite pavers with a bush hammered and brushed texture set an elegant stage for this spectacular eating space.  


The expansive and inviting layout is framed by lush leafy foliage in a landscaped trellis and overflowing planters, supported by a raised stone platform with a hand carved, double dupont edged coping.  Complementing the elegant surrounds are radial stair treads and risers and authentic ramp-and-twist wall caps, all hand crafted from Golden Dune Granite.


Without a doubt this clever combination of hand crafted stone details and greenery in abundance has created a lively urban garden for diners to enjoy right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Project Principles

Architect: James Hyatt Studio

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