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Achieving design aspirations with stone shop drawings and piece lists

When it comes to designing new homes or commercial buildings out of stone, without a doubt some of the phrases most feared by architects and designers are: “It’s not quite what I imagined”, “It’s a little bit different to what I had hoped” or, worse still, “This isn’t at all what I expected and I’m completely disappointed”.

The gap between ideas and results can be truly devastating for everyone involved.

Getting it right all comes down to absolute attention to detail. On every piece of stone. Think context drawings, shop drawings and stone piece lists. The problem is, not many natural stone suppliers provide this level of detail. They simply deliver the newly quarried or reclaimed stone in dimensional slabs ready for fitting by the stonemasons on site. So it’s worth tracking down a building stone supplier who does. Here’s why.

You’ll benefit from time savings and absolute confidence that your design aspirations have been efficiently translated. How?

Stone context drawings define the big picture

Stone context drawings let architects and designers see what their stone design looks like in different elevations. They show the exact placement of each piece of stone, overall dimensions, piece numbering and logistical sequencing.

Context drawings for your stone building project

Shop drawings deliver complete clarity

Shop drawings support stone context drawings, showing 3D axonometric views and describing every detail required for accurate fabrication of each unique piece. This level of detail enables 3D visualization of the entire stone piece and affords absolute clarity during stone manufacture, stone delivery and stone installation.

Stone piece lists put the numbers into perspective

Stone piece lists detail the dimensions corresponding to each piece label, as well as quantity per piece, the amount of overage included and total volumes. Stone piece lists are detail personified.

Detailed stone piece lists help with stone installation

Stone installers will benefit too

The bottom line is, as an architect or designer, you’ll benefit from the intricate detail of stone drawings and piece lists, and the significant time savings they deliver. What’s more, as a stone installer, you’ll enjoy faster installation time and reduced cost as all stone arrives in numbered pieces with a plan to work to. And there's minimal cutting, meaning less noise pollution, footprint and waste on site.

Having access to such a high level of detail is a significant advantage and a great way to help ensure that all client feedback you receive is entirely positive. Once you’ve used stone shop drawings and stone piece lists once, you’ll never want to do a job without them again.

Contact Rhodes Architectural Stone for more information about context drawings, shop drawings or piece lists.

Seattle: +1 206-709-3000 Melbourne: +61 3 8199-9555 China: +86 592-533-0273

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