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Angie Bushman

Office Manager ~ Firebrick Sales

+1 206-709-3000

Angie brings her warm, friendly enthusiastic charm and dedication to helping both our residential and commercial clients in deciding the best material for their perfect fireplaces, dedicated to sharing her knowledge of our outstanding products she helps the client decide which of our amazing firebrick materials are best suited for your next project.

For centuries, fireplaces have been installed as a reliable source of space-heating, used to warm up cold days and dark nights. In their modern applications, however, fireplaces have transformed from a thing of necessity into one of visual interest and technological wonder. With such a remarkable development comes with some complex decision-making and an endless aesthetic and performance factors to parse out. This where Angie can best help you decide which materials best suit your fireplace projects.

She also manages our business office and daily office administration

Angie Bushman
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